What is IT?

Get in touch with Crosscut Concrete Sawing and Drilling if you want the top layer of your concrete floor, patio, or walkway removed. Floor coatings and polymer overlays are just a couple of the materials that can be used to create this top layer.

Eliminating trip hazards and leveling out uneven surfaces are two additional useful solutions. Making the surface rougher to increase skid resistance while keeping it manageable enough to avoid obstructions from tires or even bare feet is one solution.

The coarse discs of our grinding machine quickly scour the concrete. The apparatus moves in guided, elliptical, and overlapping paths as force is applied to the surface. When using this method, almost no sample is left in the back.

Crosscut Concrete provides a range of grinding discs with different levels of roughness for the highest level of effectiveness and accuracy on any project.

Surface Preparation Work

We can provide a range of ground floor guidance services in addition to our expert grinding services, including leveling, polishing, and the removal of vinyl flooring, wall glue, waterproofing membranes, epoxy paint, and waterproofing membranes from concrete surfaces.

Our Experts

All of our high-performance equipment is operated by a staff that is skilled in doing so, giving your concrete the exact appearance you desire. We will find the best, most affordable solution to meet your needs in addition to assisting you with all of your concrete planning.


Concrete Floor Grinding