Providing high-quality hand saw and core drilling services in Perth, Perth Concrete Cut is a family-run business. Perth Concrete Cut takes pride in being dependable and offering our customers affordable, high-quality concrete cutting and core drilling services.

Perth Concrete Cut has a skilled and knowledgeable work force and provides a variety of services, from residential concrete drilling or cutting for plumbing to commercial concrete cutting on construction sites.

People choose Perth Concrete Cut, which is based in Perth and serves the surrounding areas, because we offer good service at fair prices. You won’t be disappointed with our work.

Our Technicians

We are extremely proud of the work we do. Our expertly skilled and licensed concrete technicians go above and beyond to make sure you always receive top-notch service. Our equipment selection also includes core drilling machines, hand saws, ring saws, road saws, wire saws, wall saws, and more.

Because we think it is crucial that all work be done to the highest standard of safety, we are fully insured, and our staff has completed a Work Cover Accredited Safety Induction Training Course and carries their own White Cards at all times.


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