Hand Saw Methods

The depth range that diamond blades for hand saws can cut to, if necessary, is 50 to 300 millimeters. With their incredible adaptability and ability to operate on gasoline, electricity, or hydraulics, they can practically cut any type of building material precisely.

Among the more frequent uses for hand saws are cutting new doorways, windows, and openings for electrical and plumbing systems. Additionally, they make precise cuts for slab expansion, wall and floor demolition, and trimming for pipes and other components.

Hand Sawing In Perth

Chain Sawing

Utilizing a chain saw is suggested when large machinery and equipment won't fit or aren't permitted in the area. They cut through reinforced concrete, brick, block, concrete pip, natural stone, and other materials quickly and easily, have a cutting depth of 600 mm, and are incredibly portable.

An irregular shape, such as a deep plunge cut, a perfect corner, or a small mechanical opening, can be produced by a chain saw without any overcuts that a standard cutting machine cannot.

Ring Sawing

A ring saw is an uncommon type of handheld saw. This technique allows for a 265 mm deep cut into any kind of building material. It uses a cutting wheel with an offset and a diamond tip that is hydraulically or electrically powered. They are most frequently used when wall saws are either uncomfortable or ineffective due to space restrictions.

It can produce a clean cut, fit in tight spaces, and do so with minimal noise and vibration. Small spaces can also accommodate it. As opposed to a spindle, which other handsaws use and lacks a core or center, the ring saw rotates on a system of rollers. Cutting holes in walls, doors, and windows as well as concrete pipes, manhole covers, and other materials are all possible using this method.